Easily Manage Your

Dance School, Gym

or Fitness Club

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Boost Your Profits, Reduce Your Costs,

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Running a successful dance school, gym, or fitness club takes a lot of work.

You have to manage everything including marketing, bookkeeping, classes, membership, and much more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.


But, Teagow makes it easy for you to stay on top of everything.

Teagow allows you to take care of all of these tasks in one place.

From your computer or your smartphone you can securely manage and monitor your business.


Teagow even automates repetitive tasks such as reminder emails, marketing emails, and billing. Even better, Teagow automatically collects valuable data about your business and converts it into easy to read charts and dashboards.


Teagow is like having your own personal assistant.

What Teagow Does

Teagow helps you by putting all of your information in once place. From the mobile app or from the web interface, you can login to your business and setup automatic tasks, monitor your students, check on your revenues, and much more.

Dynamic Scheduling

Do you offer personal lessons or training? Do you want to be able to sign people up for classes online? With the dynamic scheduling feature, you can do both. The dynamic calendar allows you to block out certain dates and times for classes or private lessons. Your members can then go online and signup. With dynamic scheduling you are never double booked, and you always know who has signed up and when they are signed up for.


You can either send your members to our site to use the dynamic scheduling, or it can run on your own website on a subdomain.


Teagow is easily accessible from your smartphone: no matter where you are you will be able to log in to your business and set up automatic tasks, monitor your students, check your revenues and much more.


Keep track of all your revenue and your expenses. You can categorize income and expenses from a preexisting list or you can create your own categories. At a glance you can see how your business finances are doing. Thanks to Teagow, you can keep track of your finances while you are on the go. You can also always export your data if needed.


Teagow comes with several different reports and a quick glance dashboard to make sure you always have all the financial information you need at your fingertips.

Track Attendance

Track who is coming to your classes. Find out which students regularly miss, what classes have the best attendance, and what classes struggle. You can use this information to make sure you are offering the best range of classes at the best times for your members. You can also use this feature to discover who your most engaged students are and develop more programs around them.



Teagow allows you to create an online video library where you can upload your own online classes. Whether you are teaching salsa or nutrition, Teagow makes it easy for you to give your members access  to specific videos.


Your members will be able to login and watch the courses they have paid for.

Manage Your Taxes and Accounting

If you are like most businesses owners, you regularly have to send data to your accountant to make sure your official corporate books are kept up to date and to help your accountant prepare your taxes. Emailing your information each week or month can be time consuming. Now, you can simply give your accountant a special accountant login and they will be able to see and export all of your financial information without having to wait for your email.


The tax and accounting feature is simple to use and will save both you and your accountant valuable time and avoid costly mistakes.

Create Course

Easily create new courses whenever you want.

Thanks to Teagow it's easy to give your members all the information they might need. Add and modify time and place, level, prerequisites, costs and general information about any course you want to offer.

You can also make it possible for your members to sign up for any class directly from your website: this way you will speed up the registration process and you will know in advance how many people to expect.

User Profile

Data is one of the most powerful assets any business can have. Teagow makes it easy for you to safely collect and store valuable data about your members. Each member can create a member profile. From the profile you will be able to see everything from what classes they attend to what online courses they watch. Your members feel like they are part of a community when they create their user profiles.

Adjust Staff Hours

One of the most popular features of Teagow is the ability to manage staff hours. You can set staff schedules and send notifications to your staff. Instead of managing messy paper schedules, you have a clean digital interface. This makes dealing with leave requests and schedule changes much easier.

Email Automation

Email is a critical tool for keeping your members engaged, for marketing new classes, announcing specials, and making important announcements. But, sending and setting up email blasts and email newsletters can be a real pain.


With Teagow, you don’t have to deal with a complicated email service. You can write emails and schedule them right from your phone or pc. The email automation feature is designed to make sending emails simple.

Setup Members Profile

Are you looking for information about a specific member or user? You can simply use the global search feature to quickly find all the information you need. There is no need to go through paper records or deal with a complex database. Plus, like all Teagow features, you can have full access to all your records whenever and wherever you are.

Manage Payment Methods

One truth about running a business like a dance school or gym is that the easier you make it to for your members to pay, the more profitable you will be. Teagow makes it easy for you to manage payment methods and set up ongoing monthly membership payments. You don’t need another piece of software to manage your online payments anymore. Teagow does it all.

How Teagow Works

Teagow lives on a secure cloud-based server. Only people you authorize will be able to log in to your account. You will be able to use Teagow from anywhere in the world from your  smartphone or pc.


Teagow is all you need to successfully manage your business. It works great for dance schools, gyms, fitness clubs, or any business with members and regular classes.



Once you perform the initial setup and enter your business information, you will be able to take care of even complex business tasks in just minutes.


You can even allow your accountant to connect to your Teagow account to prepare monthly statements and tax returns.


Teagow is all about saving you time so you can do what you do best-serving your customers.



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Automate billing and payments

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